Ways to Work From Home

Ways to Work From Home

Ways to Work From Home

The following are some ideas of ways to work from home. Many people have taken their workplace skills and are using those job skills to find new ways to work from home.

You work in an office, a hospital, a school, a store, a factory-and you’re tired of it. Maybe you’ve hit an income ceiling, you’re in a shaky company or you’d like to have more time with Your family. Whatever the reasons, you want to work for yourself, from home. But you’re not the type to make a drastic career change, such as switching from bookkeeper to beekeeper. Take heart, says self-employment expert Pete Edwards, coauthor with his wife Sarah of Your Perfect Job. Edwards believes that women who start home businesses with skills they used at their previous jobs are more likely to be successful than those who jump into new fields. “It’s easier for someone to take what they know and build on it,” he says.

Do what you do best-and what you’ll make money at, agrees business specialist Sarah Cunningham of the Ohio Home Business Group, an organization sponsored by the local University. What people will pay you for are your skills and expertise. If you want to start a different business, you’ll have to go out and get those skills and that expertise.” Mary Cooper of Summit Falls, Missouri, turned her skills into a profitable enterprise. During a stint as music director for her church’s Bible School, Mary came up with the idea of bringing music programs to children in both in-home child care and at daycare centers. The business was a natural for the piano and clarinet teacher and former education provider.

Sometimes developing a home business is no more complicated than doing exactly what you did as someone’s employee. Denise Freeman, 25, of Miami, Florida, worked as a Paralegal until the birth of her child last child. She also took income freelance work from another attorney. When Denise decided to stay home with her baby, her employer agreed to become her second client. “I got a raise to work at home,” she says, noting that her rate rose to about $15 per hour. Denise hopes to increase business by sending a mailer to other lawyers in her area. Then she’ll find new ways to work from home to fill the needs of the new business coming in.

Karen Beckly’s switch to self-employment was a bit less voluntary. She worked as a tax preparer for a San Diego firm. “I was downsized out right after tax season, In May, there are no tax jobs.” Her friends
helped spread the word that Karen, 54, was looking for clients. She also subcontracted work from other tax preparers. Her business, earns her $60 to $90 an hour, and has grown slowly but steadily.

Adapting Job Skills for Ways to Work From Home

The tools and talents you develop every day on the job may contain the seeds of a great business idea. The key is to step back and assess the most marketable elements of what you do’ Lorraine Marton of Orlando, Florida, found that her strength was the follow-up she provided as a customer relations manager for a car dealer. Although Lorraine knew little about computers, she created a data-base of customers’ addresses, birth-days and other information. When she grew dissatisfied with her job, Lorraine, 47, started Coastal Office Dimensions, which develops and maintains databases for automobile salespeople and dealers. She sends birthday cards, personalized letters and postcard notices to her clients’ customers. ‘You don’t realize how many people respond to being remembered on their birthdays,” she says.

Lorraine enters each name into a database, and charges $2.20 per sheet of 30 mailing labels and $50 for 100 full-color imprinted birthday cards.

Jackie Lonrory, R.N., converted her experience as a rehabilitation nurse into planning long-term health care strategies for people with chronic illnesses or serious injuries. Working from her North Carolina home, she also consults on medical needs in legal cases. “It was a natural extension of what I was doing,” says Jackie, 48. Her fee: $100 per hour.

Some women find business inspiration on the job. Pam Black worked in a sewing factory. “When we would change thread colors, they would throw away whatever was left on the bobbins,” says the Michegan, woman. “It just looked like i should be able to make something out of that.” A dedicated crafter, Pam, 55, decided to use the thread as doll hair. She brought her first creation to work, where her coworkers admired it. After refining the pattern, she began selling the decorative shelf dolls to friends, and then wholesaling to gift shops and florists. Pat left her job and now produces 300 handcrafted dolls per month. Each retails for $10 to $15 through a mail-order brochure.

Ways to Work From Home Conclusion

Just remember, whatever your job, your skills are valuable and marketable as a home-based business. Evaluate your personal job skills to find your best ways to work from home.