Saving Customized HTML Tags


It’s been a while since I’ve fired up my old Front Page website editor and did any web design. But when I wanted to customize HTML tags, I searched through my hardrive and found my old Front Page software to do the trick. Here’s a short tutorial on how I did it…

A common troubleshooting step when Front Page wont launch is to delete the HKEY-CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\FrontPage Registry key. FrontPage re-creates that key when launched, and if there is corruption in that key, removing it will often resolve launching problems. Keep in mind, however, that FrontPage stores important information in this key, and one of those things is all of your code formatting settings for individual HTML tags. These are stored in the following Registry location:

HKEY_CURRENT-USER \Software \Microsoft \ Front Page \ Editon \ HTML\

If you have customized the properties for HTML tags and you are going to remove the Front Page Registry key in an attempt to troubleshoot a startup problem, you might want to first export the key containing your HTML tag customizations. You can then merge this information back in to Front Page after Front Page re-creates the Front Page Registry key.

To export your HTML tag code settings’ perform these steps:
1. Open Registry Editor by selecting Start, Run, entering Regedit, and clicking OK.
2. Click the plus sign next to HKEY-CURRENT-USER.
3. Click the plus sign next to Software.
4. Click the plus sign next to Microsoft.
5. Click the plus sign next to Front Page.
6. Click the plus sign next to Editor.
7. Right-click on the HTML key and select Export.
8. In the Filename box, enter FPTagsBackup.
9. Click Save.

This will save a file called Retags Backup. reg on your Desktop. Anytime that you need to
reapply your HTML tag code formatting settings, simply double-click this file and click Yes
when asked to confirm that you want to merge the file into your Registry.