How to Quit Smoking

The following is a guide on to “How to Quit Smoking”. About a third of the male adult global population smokes. Smoking related-diseases kill 1 in every 10 adults around the world. By the year 2030, smoking will kill 1 in 6 people if the current trend continues. So now is the best time to learn how to quit smoking.

How to Cope with Cigarette Cravings

How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is always going to be hard. There’s the combination of a physical craving and a psychological one to deal with, and it is unsurprising that many people who attempt to quit smoking don’t last long on their first attempt. One of the hardest issues is the craving that affects a lot of smokers. Trying to break those cravings is something that prevents a lot of people from quitting.

The best way to start to get rid of cigarette cravings is distraction. When you quit smoking you are always going to have a problem if you keep thinking about what you’re giving up. This keeps cigarettes in the forefront of your mind and makes it very difficult to keep it up. This attitude is definitely not how to quit smoking. However, if you fill your time with other things, you can keep your mind off the craving a cigarette for at least a while – hopefully long enough to get you over the tricky first week where nicotine withdrawal is tempting you back to smoking.

Once you have broken the firmest psychological and physical cravings, you stand a much better chance of quitting smoking. That’s not to say that the cigarette cravings go away entirely and immediately. It is likely that you will still miss cigarettes and at certain points will think “This would be a lot easier/more pleasant if I had a cigarette right now”. But if you aren’t feeling a strong physical pressure to smoke, it will be a lot easier to deal with the psychological cravings – and at some point, you are going to have to face the struggle of making a clean break from cigarettes anyway. That is how to quit smoking for good.

How to Quit Smoking For The Right Reasons

Controversial as it may sound, if you quit smoking because it is costing you too, that much rarely works. If money is the only issue, then cigarettes are going to have a hold on you for a while. A pack of twenty cigarettes might set you back a fair amount – but what about rolling your own cigarettes, or using a small machine to make the cigarettes? There are plenty of cheaper options, and a mere financial consideration is unlikely to make the difference if you aren’t committed for other reasons.

Does this mean that finance is a pointless consideration when you want to quit smoking? Not at all, but you need to have other reasons. Quitting for the sake of your health is one consideration – but again, don’t expect it to be the silver bullet. You have probably been told by other people “You shouldn’t smoke – cigarettes are bad for you!”, and you have probably responded “No, really? I thought they were good for me!”, laughed and carried on smoking – so you need to confront the hard facts about how bad they are for you. Frugality can be one more way how to quit smoking.

If you quit smoking, your breathing will get better and your sense of smell will improve. Your clothes will smell better and your skin and hair will improve. You will wake up in the morning feeling like you can face the day without having to reach for the cigarettes and lighter. Most importantly you won’t have to worry about the health problems and the hole in your finances that can be caused by smoking, and this liberation of your mind is worth the effort.

The Myths About How to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, especially if you’re not sure how to quit smoking, and it can be made difficult if you make the mistake of buying into any one of a range of theories which when it comes to the crunch just don’t hold any water. Take, for example, the issue of preparing to quit. People will tell you that it is easier to quit if you wean yourself onto menthol cigarettes. Is this actually true? No, it’s not. There’s still plenty of nicotine in there, and you’re more likely to go back to full-tar, smoke flavored cigarettes.

Then there is the idea that it will be easier to quit smoking if you only smoke at certain times – like after meals, just after getting up or after sex. The fact of the matter is that if you associate cigarettes with a certain time, you will always want to smoke then, and sooner or later you’ll be adding extra caveats – only with a cup of coffee, only when you’re nervous, right up until the point where you’re smoking cigarettes “only because I really wanted one”. Breaking the dependence is tough, and not made any easier by allowing exemptions.

Weaning yourself off cigarettes is not the best way of giving up. If you are going to break the chain, it is really best to break it cleanly and absolutely. If you fall off the wagon and “just have one”, make sure it is just one cigarette. Don’t rush out and buy a pack of cigarettes because you feel as though you might as well. Although it is best to not smoke at all, having one every once in a while is certainly better than getting back to being a smoke machine.

Defying Temptation

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

This section will show you how to quit smoking by defying temptation. When you are trying to quit your addition to nicotine, you will find that there is always temptation waiting for you somewhere or other. It may be that you start to really crave a cigarette because you saw someone on TV smoking and they looked like they were really enjoying it. It may be that you have been hanging out with friends and some of them haven’t given up yet. It can even be something as simple as sense memory – you’re listening to an old CD and it takes you back to a time when you were smoking a lot and enjoying yourself.

Temptation is an unforgiving mistress. As Oscar Wilde once said: “I can resist everything but temptation”. The really unfair thing about it is that it’s not a case of overcoming it and forgetting it – temptation will return time and again, and you will have to keep winning the battle with it. It would be easier if there were some kind of reward system – you don’t smoke for a week, you get a wide screen TV, or something. But this isn’t how it works. If it did, we’d all give up for a week, get our TV and start smoking again.

If you’re a competitive person, then you might consider temptation to be your opponent. That’s one way how to quit smoking. You’re not going to let the cigarette cravings beat you, are you? Hit them out of the park and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Or if you are not, think about it in another way – overcoming cravings will give you a stronger will and make it easier to overcome other challenges in the future.

How to Quit Smoking Part 2

(More Tips on How to Quit Smoking)

It’s Harder to Quit Smoking If You Suffer Alone

Quitting smoking is a pretty thankless task at the best of times. We aren’t born knowing how to quit smoking. But, you already know the reasons why you are trying to give up, and at times it can seem like they just aren’t enough. It’s bad for your health, but you aren’t feeling too healthy right now without them. It saves you money, but these cravings make it hard to enjoy a better bank balance. It’s much worse if you try to suffer in silence, though. Your general mood may make you feel anti-social, but if you’re facing this alone it’s going to be much harder.

It’s best to have an understanding friend who appreciates what you are going through and knows how to quit smoking. There’s no way of saying that they will always be understanding – it can be tough to stay upbeat with a friend who is frequently complaining – but the truth of the matter is that a good friend will appreciate your reasons for wanting to stop smoking. If this friend is also trying to give up, then there is a question to be asked – are you likely to persuade one another to get back on the cigarettes, or is joint action going to help you both?

In many cases, two friends who quit smoking together is a worthwhile endeavor. Your cravings are not that likely to happen at the same time, so when you’re feeling cravings, your friend can keep your head above water and vice versa. You can also take up a hobby as a pair, and get the enjoyment from the hobby that used to come from smoking. And if one of you cracks, the other is there to commiserate and help to stop it from becoming permanent.

The Joy Of Quitting Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

When you announce that you have decided to quit smoking, the response of friends and family is important in deciding how successful your bid for freedom will be. If they react by gathering around and giving you praise and support for your decision to quit, then you stand a great chance of keeping to the good road. If they show concern, saying “Are you sure? You know how hard that’s going to be?”, it’s not the best start to your bid.

The key is to look at your smoking cessation as a positive thing that is the key to understanding how to quit smoking. You know already that it is not going to be easy, but there is a range of positive aspects to quitting smoking. The most positive of all is the simple fact of breaking an addiction. There are no words to describe how much more free you feel after getting the better of your cravings, and it is this freedom and the joy that it brings that are the real prizes for anyone who manages to dislodge the monkey from their back.

Don’t concentrate on the fact that it is going to be difficult to quit smoking. Accept that this is a given, and instead concentrate on the fact that you can do this, you know how to quit smoking your way. It is more important to concentrate on what you are capable of than to focus on the possible problems. In doing that, you create a bigger hurdle in your mind, and the power of positive thinking has been proven. You can’t build a castle by thinking that you can, but you can certainly get more done than if you concentrate on how hard it will be. Now you know how to quit smoking, the only thing left is to do it.

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I hope you have gotten some good information from this guide on how to quit smoking. You have to find for yourself the best way how to quit smoking.