How to Look Younger

The truth from top dermatologists on what works and what doesn’t for firmer smoother skin and tips on how to look younger.

How to Look Younger

How to Look Younger

Why is a newborns’ skin so irresistibly soft? Because it contains an abundance of compounds called natural growth factors as well as antioxidants, proteins and collagen, need to produce fresh, healthy cells. Some companies now use different sources of natural growth factors in their latest anti-wrinkle treatments.

Do they work? Our bodies make very little of our own natural growth factor after the age of thirty-five. Reintroducing these compounds into the skin increases cell energy. By making skin cells act younger they can repair themselves faster. That’s the secret to how to look younger.

The Age Prone Zones

Some parts of you face and body begin to show the signs of aging before others. The areas you need to pay special attention to are the lips, eyes, hands, and neck. Here’s an overview of what you need to pay special attention to for each aging body part…

How to Look Younger Around Your Lips

How to Look Younger Lips

How to Look Younger Lips

A frequently overlooked, or untreated due to the high cost of most anti-aging products for this area, is the lips. Your lips are extremely sensitive to the sunlight. They are usually uncovered by sunscreen, and take abuse every day. Think of people in your life who are aging, I but you look at their lips, neck and hands to give away their true age.

So what can you do about it? The area round your lips is vulnerable to wrinkling, particularly if you smoke. Repetitive pursing of your lips cause lines. The best advice on how to look younger around your lips? If you smoke, quit. Wear an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen daily. And use special creams for the lip area, which add moisture to soften lines.

Looking Younger Around Your Eyes

Lines around your eyes show up first because the thin skin here is quicker to lose it’s elasticity. To soften those wrinkles, pat on a little eye cream in the morning and at bedtime. But don’t expect a cream to make lines disappear for good, says New York based dermatologist Andrea Kamin. Moisturizing ingredients will temporarily plump up the skin, but can’t prevent the fine furrows that form every time you laugh, cry, or squint. Don’t stop smiling, but do wear sunglasses to minimize squinting. And, that’s how to look younger around your eyes.

Anti-Aging Tips for Your Hands

Also a thin skin zone, your hands can give away your age before your face does. Sun exposure speeds the thinning process with makes veins more visible. Get into the habit of using hand cream with an SPF 15 or higher. One with antioxidants such as vitamin E will help absorb skin-damaging free radicals, says Dr. Kamin. Once a week, pamper your hands with an exfoliating scrub to smooth away roughness. That’s our suggestion on how to look younger with your hands.

How to Look Younger On Your Neck

It’s never too soon to give this area extra attention. But you don’t need a separate neck cream says Dr. Kamin. Simply apply the same anti-wrinkle treatment you use on your face. Using both hands, massage in the cream with upward strokes, from the middle of your neck to the back, swiping it up behind your ears, too. Note: The skin on your neck may be more sensitive than on your face, so you may want to avoid creams with alpha-hydroxy acid, which can sting and be irritation.

How to Look Younger Conclusion

This was a quick overview on how to look younger. The advice came from some of the top dermatologists. I hope you’ll follow these basic tips on how to look younger, and hopefully healthier too!